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A snorkel diver feeds the fish in the crystal clear Caribbean waters of Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles.

Orange coral polyp:
Orange soft coral polyps filter food and capture minute prey from the water. The delicate tentacles are covered with stinging cells.

Midnight express:
A school of Brown Chromis swarm over a coral head in synchrony.

Coronet fish:
A rare Coronet fish glides gently in pursuit of prey in the Caribbean night.

Orange Sponge:
Exploring a deep wall, a diver finds a huge orange vase sponge.

Jen on pier:
The azure waters conceal the incredible diversity beneath the surface.

Puffer fish:
In self defense, the puffer fish inflates to an inedible ball when alarmed.

Puffer fish face:
The puffer fish is considered a delicacy in Japan. Each year many people die from the toxic liver and skin of poorly prepared dishes.

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