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The Cowfish's tube-shaped mouth is adapted for sucking small worms from the sand.

A Needle Fish appears to soar in the clouds when photographed from below in the crystal water.

Pink Beach:
With the warm trade-winds blowing offshore, "Pink Beach" in Bonaire is as close to paradise as we can imagine.

Green Iguana:
A wild Green Iguana takes advantage of some man-made shade on the pier.

Coral Head:
Refraction of light forms a halo around the sun when viewed from depth.

Gorgonian Bush:
A Gorgonian "bush" grows from the white coral sand. See if you can spot the Lizard Fish.

Lizard Fish:
A lizard fish lies motionless with razor teeth in wait for unsuspecting prey.

Hovering over Coral:
A Fairy Baslett hovers over a coral head.

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