The End of a Glacier:
The Erebus Ice Tongue floats out into McMurdo Sound. Here in a cave at the snout, formed by the glacier to the left and sea ice to the right, the Antarctic Sun peeks in at the accumulated snow.

A cave in the Erebus Ice Tongue:
Among the most beautiful sites in Antarctic are ice caves in glaciers with their millions of shades of blue. One entrance to this cave was nearly sealed by ice crystals.

Adelie Penguins:
The clowns of the Antarctic, Adelie Penguins are endlessly curious and will approach anything on land that moves.

Antarctic Sunset:
As the Antarctic Winter approaches the Sun spends ever longer times below the horizon and soon the day only a long sunset that grows slowly into the long winter night. The Sun disappears from sight in April and reappears in September.

Mount Erebus:
The highest peak on Ross Island is Mount Erebus. It is the furthest south active volcano in the world. At the top, there is an active lava pool that sends up smoke almost constantly. Here, high winds arch clouds over the peak and disperse the usual smoke plume.

Lakes Bonney and Chad:
These lakes, along with others in the Dry Valleys are continuously ice covered. Below the ten foot thick ice, is liquid and saline water that remains unfrozen the year round. In the background is the Taylor Glacier and the Trans-Antarctic Mountains.

Ice Breaker:
Each year the Polar Star breaks a channel, often over twenty miles long, through the sea ice to McMurdo Station to allow a supply vessel to land at the station during the austral summer. Most of the station personnel arrive by air.

Moving a field hut:
Field camps are often set up only for the summer season. Here, a twin Huey is being hooked up to collapsed sections of a pre-fabricated building to move them to their final location.

Field Hut:
The field camp at Explorers Cove under a light blanket of snow. Located at the edge of the Taylor Dry Valley, this hut was used by science teams studying marine biology.

Inside the field hut:
Antarctic diving is strenuous, even with dry suits. A good deal of time is spent resting and recovering from the cold. Here a field party in a warm hut takes time to write in their journals or rest.

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