Jen's Page: A Woman's Perspective

It would be easy to answer the question, "What is it like living on a small boat?" - if there was one simple answer. This question, that has been asked of me many times, is one that in my own mind I've answered a thousand times over, in a thousand different ways. Thoughts such as, wondering how I ever ended up in the middle of an ocean on a thirty five foot boat, while dodging lightning bolts, crossed my mind once or twice. Then again, no words can describe the experience of sailing on a calm ocean, 1,500 miles from land, in a pod of about 200 dolphins, so thick they seemed to slow down the boat. One experience terrifying; the other magically unforgettable. This pattern of extremes seems to be a common thread with the journey so far. A perpetual journey of ups and downs, highs and lows, that become your own personal movie; something like a horror/love story/comedy/tragedy all rolled into one.

My aim on these pages is to share with you my personal perspective on some of those commonly asked questions about life on the ocean. Once again, this is only my perspective, as I am sure there are many a female voyager whose experiences are completely different from mine. I hope you enjoy reading about things "as I see them", and would welcome any other questions or thoughts you might have.



Whale Encounter

Surviving the Passages

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